Spotify Increase Free Tier Functionality

Spotify, world’s largest streaming service with over 159 million users across the globe is hoping to increase profits by giving away more music to the people. The Swedish music superpower said that their free and no ad version will be turned into the ad-supported version. The move seems to indicate that their focus is switching to getting as many users on the system as possible, whether they’re paid or not. By getting more users onto Spotify and bulking out their complimentary offering, the company will hope that they have a better chance of converting those users further down the line.

By utilizing their interest in machine learning, Spotify’s new complimentary plan prescribes music to users on the fly. All things considered, the current complimentary plan has been a bit of a headache for users, with play restrictions and other functionality deficits. With the new version, clients can tune in on-request to whatever melody they need, the same number of times as they need, as long as those tunes show up on one of the 15 customized disclosure playlists like Daily Mix, Discover Weekly, Release Radar or Today’s Top Hits.

One other new feature of the free version is suggestions – Spotify will make suggestions based on the songs you already have in your playlist, to keep you listening longer. The organization is calling this “helped playlisting’, which basically implies that each time you look for a tune to add to a playlist, Spotify will throw a few ideas your way to keep you hooked for longer.

At long last, Spotify has worked in a low-information mode (called information saver) that slices data utilization by up to 75 percent. Previously, Spotify didn’t permit offline listening for users outside their paid plans, meaning free users were to some degree fastened to WiFi or mobile data. Let’s face it, nobody likes a hefty cell phone charge at the end of the month!

Is this enough to make you want to try Spotify? With the music streaming market hotter than ever with heavyweights like Apple Music, Pandora already in the space and global powerhouses like Google and Amazon trying to muscle their way in, it seems like Spotify is making the right moves to secure their position at #1.

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