Snapchat Launch New Spectacles

Snapchat, the Venice Beach based tech company, grew exponentially across the globe in recent years due to it’s fun filters and more recently it’s first hardware venture, sunglasses. In the last year, the company made huge profits and won many hearts with their highly sought after glasses, after they went viral within hours of release. They were a hit among the masses and we’re loved by almost everyone, especially those in California who queued outside the popup vending machine.

Customers queue for Snapchat Spectacles Credit: NBC Los Angeles

Despite the viral success of the first spectacles, the customers wanted to have some added features, and the people at Snapchat have duly obliged. Launching this year, Snapchat have introduced some highly demanded features in their second spectacles, which are sure to sell out as quickly as their predecessors. They have now added water resistance and the photo mode along with the built-in camera, making them a far more usable set of sunglasses than the v1.

These sunglasses have a lighter frame and can work underwater too. They don’t even have that yellow ring surrounding the camera, so people now won’t even know you’re taking their picture (creepy, right?) What else? The colors are now cooler and classier! On top of that, the new lenses are even lighter and better than the last year.

Snapchat’s new, sleeker Spectacles Credit: iMore

So how much will the new Spectacles set you back? $150 is the new price point, and after the V1 version sold 220,000 units in total, Snap’s predictions for V2 sales numbers are huge. The new spectacles are very easy to carry, thanks the small case which would fit comfortably in your pants pocket and of course in your bag or backpack.

The hardware is massively improved too, with the v2 camera allowing you to make videos 10 seconds on longer taps which could be extended to 30 seconds if tapped more times. The camera is high quality and the pictures and videos will look clearer when compared to the previous model too, so Snappers will be content in that department. So, will the new Spectacles be coming with you on your next trip to the beach?