Nike Becomes First Sportswear Company to Launch Performance Hijab

Nike have this week announced their performance hijab, becoming the first big sportswear brand to produce a religious headwear product.

The performance headscarf, which is set to be released in 2018, is a major step in the huge sports company’s history.



Although this seems like a great step toward equality, some are suggesting there are ulterior motives behind the move.

The market for Islamic clothing is expected to be worth $5tr by 2020. With Nike releasing the performance hijab, it looks like they’re trying to capitalize on the huge market first.

The pull-on headwear is made of a breathable, durable fabric like the rest of the performance Nike range.

The hijab will come in black, grey and obsidian.

For the most part, the hijab has been greatly received online;

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Although Nike are the first to market with performance Islamic headwear, athletes have donned the religious clothing before.

Ibtihaj Muhammad wore a hijab last summer at the Olympics, winning bronze. She was also the first athlete to wear the hijab whilst competing for the United States.

It’s great to see athletics and other sports are making strides toward equality by recognising the hijab.

On the contrary, basketball’s governing body have come under criticism recently for banning the headscarves at international competition.

So, is this a move by Nike to promote equality, or is it purely a new revenue stream?

Nike have recently opened new stores in the Middle East, as well as releasing a new training app in Arabic, so nobody is quite sure.