Labour to Punish Firms with Gender Pay Gap

Under the new Labour Government act, after this women day, the companies who have gender pay gap will be suffering from heavy fines by the Labour. This is a new law which is for all women around the world so they can also work with men under the same laws and regulations and enjoy the same pay for their hard work.

Under this Act, there were many leading businesses leaders, trade unions and many leading women organizations who have signed and have become the legal bodies for this whole new process. This is something new and revolutionary for the women. Before this law, it was reported by many women and companies that there is a huge gender gap which is not getting fulfilled even in the 21st century. There are certain companies who do not give women their bonuses but pay men. So, for those companies who do this on purpose will now have to suffer from the rights of women under this new act.

Even the Labour says, that they will go further into this process and see why a big difference between the pays of men and women is. They will evaluate results and hire a team who will list down all the companies who are not following this new act.

Labour also said, that they will from now on do business with only those companies who keep and treats their employees on an equal basis. A whole new clearing process will be done before any agreement. By the Labour own audit they have reached to a result that there are 4% more men working than women and to close this gap there would be more job offerings to women in the near future with great salaries and benefits for their life.