You Won’t Recognise Kristen Stewart After Her Latest Hairstyle

Kristen Stewart is certainly not one for shying away from the camera, and that isn’t about to change!

Her fans were left in shock at her latest style statement, which she revealed yesterday.

The Twilight star used her latest film premiere as an excuse to flaunt her new blond buzzcut, stunning her fans as she went.



Her latest film, Personal Shopper, is a dark story revolving around a ghost, taking place in the Paris fashion underworld.

The movie, which scores just 6.6 on the IMDb, hasn’t exactly set the world alight.

Despite the film not receiving stellar reviews, it doesn’t seem that critics are pinning the underwhelming movie on Kristen’s performance.

Kristen also used the film premier to open up about her latest relationship. She’s currently dating Stella Maxwell, but chose to walk the red carpet alone for maximum impact.

‘When I was dating Rob, the public were the enemy – and that is no way to live.’

Following up from talking about her relationship with Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, she also said about her coming out the closet that she ‘wasn’t hiding anything’.

She came out the closet because it ‘seemed important and topical’.

Kristen’s latest fashion statement comes as a big shock to her fans, who saw her just a day earlier with her more familiar swept back hairstyle.



Kristen was snapped at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for a Q&A session on the new film.

The 26-year-old film star was almost completely unrecognisable just 24 hours later.

In order to accentuate her latest hairdo, Kristen donned an all-black ensemble for the launch of Personal Shopper.

Combining simple skinny trousers with a corset top, the actress was sure to draw maximum attention to her new barnet.

It seems Kristen isn’t afraid of straying from the trademark long brunette locks which made her famous!