Daily Nope: King Cobra Tries to Break Window to Get to Kittens

Every now and again I remember why I have no desire to visit, let alone live in certain countries.

Today was certainly one of those days. A video has surfaced out of Kilanas, Brunei showing a king cobra trying to HEADBUTT a window, in order to break it and reach some kittens inside.

Yes, you read that right. See the horrifying video below:

The footage shows the huge serpent, which has climbed up a tree outside the window or a rural home home.

Seemingly trying to get to the cute kittens staring bemused underneath the window, the king cobra begins head-butting the window trying to break the glass.

Realizing what’s going on, the man actually goes outside! Not to worry though, he beats the snake out of the tree with a wooden stick, consequently killing it.

The family recorded the scary footage gave it to the local government, probably in an attempt to warn people about the dangers of snakes climbing up trees outside houses.

A spokesman for the government had this to say:

‘Be aware. If you keep flowers or a small tree, don’t make it near the window of the house. Luckily the window glass was not open.’

‘The family want to help people to remember not to leave their windows open or to have trees and plants near them. This makes it easy for snakes to get inside and can be dangerous.

‘Take care to make sure there are no trees near windows and close the windows.’

If a head-butting cobra isn’t enough to give you the chills, then check this out:

This is the world’s largest cobra, amazingly found in Kerala, India in 2012.


I certainly know if one of those was in my garden, I’d probably be on the first flight out of there – not beating it with a stick!