Most Inspiring Famous Women in History

These days many organizations and institutes are working for women welfare and equality. You can always see on social media about everyday campaigns for women and society. So, for this reason, we bring you the topmost inspiring famous women in history.

  • Florence Nightingale 1820–1910:

She was a nurse and she gave the nursing profession a whole new meaning and life. She worked in the wars as a nurse and saved so many soldiers by bravery and care. She made a big change for women who can step up and also help the brave men on the field.

  • Marie Curie 1867–1934:

She was a scientist and helped in developing the first x-ray machine which is now one of the most useful creations in finding out any disease in the medical field. She was also awarded Nobel Prize.

  • Mother Teresa 1910–1997:

The most inspiring women for nuns is Mother Teresa. She gave her whole life for the welfare of poor and orphan children. Her whole life she only cared was for the children who she loved and worked hard for the charity missions for their education and food. She was also awarded Nobel Prize.

  • Clara Barton 1821-1912:

She was a teacher and she joined this profession at an early stage when she should be a student. She was gifted with the gift of education and since her joining her only mission was to help and educate the children of the country. She was the supporter of education.

  • Marilyn Monroe 1926–1962:

She was a beautiful model, actress and yes, the queen of many people hearts. Her work is the example set to the industry that you don’t need to be a rich white lady to be successful.

  • Cleopatra:

A pharaoh who was famous for her beauty and intelligence. She ruled Egypt and gave the Roman Empire a tough fight. She protected her country.

So, these are some of the top most inspirational women who have set their paths for other women to show that you can be something if you try.