Infinity War Breaks Box Office Records

The Marvel studios recent release the Avengers: Infinity War was one of the greatest hits for Hollywood and Marvel. It broke the box office record of the DC comics Justice League

The movie was appreciated all around the world. At first, the team of Marvel was scared because they cast the best of Marvel studios and smashed them with their greatest supervillains. So, do you think they were worried about how the movie would go? It turns out to be the biggest success of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Superheroes in Avengers: Infinity War Credit: Forbes

The movie in its first week was a huge success on the box office, breaking all previous records worldwide and gaining a total of $630 million. This does not include the record of opening Infinity War in China.

The film made huge profits, leaving all the biggest hit movies in it’s wake. Smashing the record of Star Wars and The Fate of the Furious, both huge respective successes at the Box Office, Avengers has set a new precedent for all Hollywood flicks to follow.

Overall Box Office figures weren’t the only records Marvel broke – Infinity war was the biggest hit on a Saturday night in North America, taking $83 million on it’s opening Saturday. That was followed up by an equally impressive Sunday, raking in $61 million.

So by how much did Avengers: Infinity War smash the previous records? Well, it beat The Force Awakens which made $119 million in its opening, and then became the 6th movie to achieve over $200 million in the domestic opening. Making up the rest of this illustrious list are The Last Jedi, Jurassic World, The Avengers and the Black Panther.

With the next instalment of the film coming in May 2019, Marvel will be hoping this isn’t the last time they break box office records!