Government Boost Spending On Environment, Despite Trump’s Attempted Cuts

In his first budget, President Donald Trump proposed a radical change in government’s priorities
by laying more emphasis on economy and industry than on environmental and educational plans.

The new budget forwarded to the President for approval, however, is contrary to the wishes of
the President. Many of the states have been openly criticising Trump’s anti-environment policies
and this new budget is a huge step in this regard.

The new spending plan proposed by Congress is a sort of a rebuke to President Donald Trump
for his ignorance and disregard of the domestic plans as it will harm the masses. Environmental
Protection Agency, National Oceanic, Atmospheric Administration and the other agencies of this
kind are highly relieved now as the government is once again trying to work in favor of the

Trump discussing environmental plans Credit: Outside Magazine

Although the budget has been very friendly to the environment and Earth, there is still an air of uncertainty as Trump had clearly announced that the budget would cut out on environmental plans.

The budget proposed by Trump cut 30 percent allocation to EPA, which has actively been
working on environment-friendly projects. The EPA could not accept it had already lost 700
employees and was on the verge of losing 2000 more. This has forced Congress to intervene in
Trump’s policies. Another agency, USGS has also been targeted by Trump and he wanted to cease its operation, despite the fact that it has been the pride of the nation as it has done a spectacular research on sea-level rise and its effect on the coasts. That is why Congress has
deemed it important and has stopped the government from getting rid of it.

Similarly, Congress has made an effort to save other environment-friendly agencies like
Advanced Research Programs Agency-Energy (involved in early-stage progress in clean energy)
and NOAA which is famous for climate research.

NOAA was going to have a $1 billion cut, but now Congress has allocated them an increment instead. Congress has supported many other agencies and environmental plans which were overlooked by President Trump.

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