Arsène Wenger Honoured by Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford

The Theatre of Dreams welcomed Arsène Wenger with open arms and a generous heart as he took charge of his last ever game there last month. The Man United crowd not only welcomed him warmly, but Sir Alex Ferguson himself presented Wenger with a trophy before the match begun.

Given the rivalry between Arsenal and Manchester United over the past three decades, this was a very nice and classy gesture on the part of the club.

Wenger was overwhelmed by this telling news outlets;

“I am programmed to try and win football games but I don’t think that changes, I am disappointed. I am thankful to Man United because they had a nice gesture. It is the first time I get a trophy before a game. It is very classy from them.”

Wenger with Ferguson and Mourinho Credit: Smoshblog

When asked about what had been written on the memento he said: “I haven’t looked at it (the memento, properly) yet. It was just before the game so there wasn’t time. I want to have a glass of red wine with Sir Alex because it is always good red wine.”

The trophy form Manchester United was a tribute to him, applauding and recognizing all his services and achievements to Arsenal Football Club from 1996-2018.

This gesture by the Manchester United, although unnecessary, was very gratifying and Wenger sure is very grateful to them for the respect and honor they gave him. The home side’s Marouane Fellaini eventually scored a dramatic late winning goal, and Manchester United won, but Wenger was still content with his team’s performance.

Fellaini celebrates his winning goal. Credit: Football Fancast

“We had a very young team and the performance was positive. The players are destroyed because they gave everything and were caught in the final minute.”

The match and the tribute were great, however, Wenger was then asked if he will again meet Manchester United as a manager. He said that he was uncertain at the moment and after having worked at the top level for 35 years he might go on a break. As much as that will break his fan’s hearts, after 35 years at the top he very much deserves it.

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