10 FREE Ways To Speed Up Your Computer in Seconds

Are you tired of buffering, slow loading times and constantly having to restart your computer or laptop? It can be so frustrating, especially when it seems like your only other option is to spend hundreds of dollars on a new machine! Fortunately, there are a few tricks that not many people know about which can help you increase your laptop’s speed in a matter of seconds – get started now with 13 of the best tips.

1. Clean out duplicate and junk files


It’s inevitable – the more you use your PC or laptop, the more the hard drive will fill up with data. This unfortunately means that performance will slow, because your computer has to go further to find the files, working harder every time.

If you can get rid of as much junk as possible, you have a great chance of improving your computers speed. Using Windows’ built-in cleanup function makes this a breeze – it will take care of any old files you no longer need, as well as emptying the Recycle Bin and removing temporary files.